Online version of blockchain courses for lawyers and compliance launched

Related to the Covid 19 pandemic The General Council of Spanish Lawyers and Blockchain Intelligence has launched an online edition of courses on blockchain for lawyers and compliance. This was reported by the above council on April 29th. This is the 13th edition of the courses “Expert Certificate Legal Compliance in Blockchain, Smart Contracts Tokenization and Cryptoactive“which will take place from May 24th to June 2nd.

The aim of these courses is to prepare specialists to meet the legal and regulatory compliance requirements of the growing blockchain developments of companies, start-ups, the public sector and law firms (legal tech). The idea is that small groups participate to ensure direct interaction with teachers, even in the online version.

The organizers indicated that this is an opportunity to acquire training for blockchain technology executives whose development has been improved by the Covid 19 crisis.

Online version of blockchain courses for lawyers and compliance launched
Online version of blockchain courses for lawyers and compliance launched

“”Based on the deep understanding of blockchain technology and its possible use, the digital identity in the blockchain, the operation and regulation of intelligent contracts, the tokenization of real and personal property and the regulation of crypto assets, STOS / ICOS are examined.. The use of blockchain in the context of commercial law, its use in the area of ​​real estate law and the application of securities regulation is of central importance. Financial regulations, money laundering and tax law are also being analyzed, “they said.

It should be noted that in a legal compliance module, on the one hand, the potential uses of technology in compliance activities and, on the other hand, the application of regulations are analyzed to ensure compliance with legal regulations for blockchain applications (governance). , Data protection, money laundering and taxes, among others). All of these training courses are supplemented by practical laboratories. “The students program a smart contract to sell a property, get cryptocurrency in their wallet, register documents in block grove, etc.,” they said on the website of the General Council of Spanish Lawyers. The teaching team consists of lawyers with practical experience in blockchain.

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