OneCoin film produced and starring Kate Winslet

When the Ponzi OneCoin program finds its way to court, A film is being produced about him with one of the main stars of the Titanic.

As reported Deadline, Kate Winslet was hired to star in “Fake!” To play, a film based on an unpublished book by Jen McAdam and Douglas Thompson. McAdam, one of the OneCoin victims, will also be the producer of the film.

Fake! is written and directed by Scott Z. Burns, who directed Classifieds report, As a political drama based on the CIA report and the post-9/11 torture, he also wrote the film about the 2011 pandemic Infection, in which Winslet also played.

OneCoin film produced and starring Kate Winslet
OneCoin film produced and starring Kate Winslet

OneCoin was founded in 2014 by Ruja Ignatova in Bulgaria. How Cointelegraph previously reported that OneCoin followed the typical structure of a multi-level marketing scheme, but with a slight hint of cryptocurrency. He promised that OneCoin would be the next bitcoin, even though it wasn’t supported by a blockchain or network. Despite many reservations from crypto industry insiders and government agencies OneCoin continued to be popular and foster an “us against you” mentality.

McAdam, who founded a support group for OneCoin victims, Cointelegraph said so they, their friends and family invested and They lost more than EUR 250,000 (USD 298,800) before learning that their server wasn’t blockchain and couldn’t create cryptocurrencies.

Ignatova was charged Wire fraud, securities fraud, and money laundering on May 7, but no one has seen them since 2017. Her brother Konstantin Ignatova, One of the executives at OneCoin was charged with the same charge in March. He has since agreed to testify against his sister. Investors have sued OneCoin for fraud, claiming losses of up to $ 5 billion.

Fake! It’s not the first work to be inspired by the OneCoin program. A television program based on the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) podcast about Ignatova is also being produced.

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