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One dead and nine injured in a violent incident at an educational center in Finland

October 1, 2019


One person has died and nine others have been injured as a result of a violent incident registered inside a Vocational Training center in the town of Kuopio, in eastern Finland, as reported by the local police and the YLE radio network. .

In his Twitter account, the Police of the eastern region of Finland has said that he has arrested a person in connection with the incident and that a dead person has been found inside the building that houses the facilities of a Vocational Training center and a Mall.

“A dead man was found at the training center facilities,” said the Finnish Police. In a previous message, the Police have indicated that the violent incident has taken place inside the Savon Vocational Training Center, located in the same building as the Hermann shopping center, in the town of Kuopio.

To end the incident, agents have had to fire. Several people have been evacuated from the FP center and agents have established a security perimeter around the building in Kuopio.

The YLE chain has reported that the serious disaster alert situation has been decreed at the University Hospital of Kuopio, to which the nine injured people have been transferred.