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Old research shows a pattern in Satoshi’s mined bitcoins

May 21, 2020

This Wednesday, May 20, after 50 bitcoins that have not been moved since February 2009, the Bitcoin blockchain experienced an unusual event. Just a month after Satoshi Nakamoto started Bitcoinwill mobilize them.

The 50 BTC was the reward for a mined block, which sparked speculation about the identity of the owner of these BTCs. Many saw the transaction reveal Nakamoto’s exposure and asserted that it was bitcoins that were directly mobilized by the creator of Bitcoin.

With the same force that the transaction took over the conversation on social networks, however, an old investigation of an Argentine bitcoiner named emerged Sergio Lerner.

“My analysis is short: No Satoshi coins. And I don’t want to deal with another miner because I’m trying to respect financial privacy. The media must review the facts before they are released, “Lerner said.

Old research shows a pattern in Satoshi’s mined bitcoins
Old research shows a pattern in Satoshi’s mined bitcoins

Learner is not only enthusiastic about the beginnings of Bitcoin, but also He is a co-founder and co-founder of Roostock (RSK), a Bitcoin sidechain that uses Solidity to add the programmability of smart contracts to Bitcoin and uses merged mining for security reasons.

The Argentine conducted a comprehensive investigation of the first phase of Bitcoin mining. Based on “plausible considerations”, he was convinced that Nakamoto not only mined bitcoins at this stage, but also did so in order not to risk Bitcoin, which depends solely on other miners.

The main premise is: “Assumption: anyone who took the time and effort to create Bitcoin would not risk stopping the network due to the lack of miners. He would lead at least one miner himself. “

This is critical as it allowed Lerner to set a Bitcoin mining pattern that shows a specific customer with unique characteristics and leaves a recognizable trail in his future: the “Patoshi”.

This investigation was the key to clarifying, at least with the evidence available on the blockchain, that the bitcoins were not being moved from a direction that corresponded to Satoshi.

In fact, the block 3654 coin base, It is not in the coins that are considered part of the coins mined by Satoshi. It should be noted that although it cannot be verified with certainty that this miner is really Satoshi, the evidence in the blockchain has led to the assumption that the miner “Patoshi” is Nakamoto, which, according to the hash analysis, is also the case is like client functions v0.1.