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Offers a 30 percent discount

April 29, 2020

In a survey of more than 5,000 buyers, people said they were open to advertising as long as sales were made.

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Offers a 30 percent discountOffers a 30 percent discount

If you want to apply during the COVID 19 pandemic, offer a discount … or even better, offer something for free.

This is the great result of a survey of 5,531 consumers by the Canadian product review site Chick Advisor. The company asked people about the type of advertising they are seeing or don’t want to see.

This is an important issue as many entrepreneurs are unsure of how to communicate during the crisis. Is advertising good? Wondering … Is it okay to send sales suggestions? The answer is yes, as long as you meet people’s needs and speak to them from a place of empathy and understanding. “At the moment,” says management consultant Adam Bornstein, “one of the nicest things you can do is the idea of ​​a stranger who says,” I thought you might need it. “

What do consumers want and what do they think about when they see advertising today? This survey found that:

1. Give them what they want … but at a lower price

If you can lower your prices or even give something away, you will have people’s attention.

The results were very clear: 84 percent of respondents said they saw ads for free product samples, and 58 percent wanted discounts on products they liked.

Think about the time these people live: many have been dismissed or their wages have been cut. 84 percent said they were concerned about their finances. That is why they are looking for things that they can enjoy without jeopardizing their budget.

2. The magic number to offer a discount is 30 percent

The survey asked, “What is the minimum discount you need to convince yourself of the purchase?”

The answer: Hardly anyone wants a 10 percent discount, some agreed 15 percent, and almost a quarter were drawn to 20 percent. However, the big winner was a 30 percent discount. Almost half of the respondents indicated that this percentage would persuade them to buy.

3. People love free shipping

“If a brand you like gives you an incentive to buy items in your online store that you like but don’t need,” the survey asked, “what incentive should you see to make the purchase?”

Here is the list where people have cataloged incentives, from the most wanted to the least wanted:

  • Free shipping with no minimum order quantity (or very low minimum order value).
  • Fixed discount on the entire purchase.
  • High quality gift card.
  • “Buy more, save more” (a bigger discount for a bigger purchase).

4. Now is a good time to get feedback from your consumers

Many people have free time and are willing to lend you a little: 97 percent of those surveyed said they were ready to conduct a digital survey about a brand. You may even get too many answers. A few weeks ago, Seamless sent out an invitation to respond to an exchange in exchange for $ 5 on Amazon, and the response was so high that many people couldn’t even take the survey.

Small incentives like this $ 5 gift on Amazon can get you a great response, but according to the Chick Advisor survey, they aren’t really necessary. Only 12 percent of people said they needed an incentive for their feedback.

5. Reach people where they are

In the survey, most said they didn’t mind watching television, digital media, social media, or radio advertising. When you reach your consumers in this way, they can be a good way to continue.

A big potential change: if you haven’t produced any videos, it’s time to start. 60 percent of respondents said they could watch tutorial videos and other video content that tells the story of a brand.

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