O.Próx.- In Israel, “hundreds” of Hamas members are killed after 500 tons of bombs were dropped on Gaza

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) sources have reported that the bombing of the Palestinian group’s facilities in the Gaza Strip last night could kill “hundreds” of Hamas members and that about 500 tons of pumps were in operation.

In particular, the source stated that 160 F-16 and F-35 fighter jets were used last night to bomb the “Metro,” a name referring to the tunnel system used by Hamas in Gaza. “Hundreds of Hamas members could potentially be killed,” said the source quoted by the data protection agency.

The bombings were preceded by threats of what appears to be an Israeli military incursion into the Gaza Strip, and even the Israeli Army’s official report on Twitter posted a message ensuring that Israeli soldiers were on the floor of the Gaza Strip, which led to it the international press has accused Israel of manipulation.

O.Próx.- In Israel, “hundreds” of Hamas members are killed after 500 tons of bombs were dropped on Gaza
O.Próx.- In Israel, “hundreds” of Hamas members are killed after 500 tons of bombs were dropped on Gaza

The impending invasion has led Hamas fighters to seek refuge in the tunnels, which were subsequently bombed during an intense operation lasting around 40 minutes. The Israeli army has given assurances that it is not a ruse but a communication error and has stressed that there is no Israeli military on the scene.

Since Monday, Israel has hit more than 650 targets, 31 destroyed Hamas and Islamic Jihad rocket workshops, and therefore does not claim that Hamas is no longer able to manufacture rockets. The aim was to restore deterrence. “It is very difficult to attack targets in the middle of a populated area, but it is the only way to deter Hamas,” said the Israeli military source quoted by the DPA.

The IDF also released images of the air strike to the office of the head of the Hamas security forces, Tawfiq Abu Naim, which was used “for command and control of the military infrastructure.” However, it was not stated whether Abu Naim was affected by the attack.

In a final record of its attacks on Saturday, the IDF stated that they reached “a military intelligence agency, missile launch sites and two terrorist squads” that night.

At least seven people were killed in Gaza this Saturday in the Al Shati refugee camp, including several children who were killed in an attack on a building without prior notice, the Palestinian news agency WAFA reports. For its part, the Palestinian agency Maan has raised the death toll in this attack to 10, with many injured.

Hamas has reported that the number of victims of this offensive is likely to increase as attempts are still being made to recover the bodies of the victims from the rubble. For its part, the IDF has not yet exchanged any information on this attack.

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