NTLlaunches ntlworld to chase UK Internet market

From dtg.org.uk

NTL have upstagedAltaVista in the race for Britain’s internet market., ntlworld, will belaunched in April and subscribers will not have to pay any start up costs,connection fees or telephone charges. The firm’s current cable network passes5.6 million homes in the UK but ntlworld will be available across the country.


At the heart of thesystem is a set-top box designed and manufactured by Pace Micro.

For NTL customers theservice will be added to their existing TV and phone package but for thoseoutside the cable network extra charges will apply. People with BT phone lineswill have to pay a £10 line adaptor fee and will be required to pay at least £10a month on normal voice calls through NTL.

The company’s bid forCable and Wireless Communications is currently waiting for governmentapproval.If the take-over gets the nod the free Internet promotion will beavailable for all CWC customers.

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