NovaDAX announces DAI airdrop campaign

The NovaDAX exchange announced the listing of the stablecoin DAI created by the MakerDAO platform with a price linked to the US dollar. To celebrate the arrival of the asset on the platform, they partnered with MarkerDAO to run a series of promotions that will distribute a total of 1,110 DAIs among attendees. This was reported to Cointelegraph in Spanish through a statement.

In the Airdrop, the first 100 NovaDAX customers who trade more than 10 DAIs at the same time receive a bonus of 4 DAIs. In addition, the first 80 customers who recommend a friend to use the exchange are also awarded. Both receive two DAIs after registration has been approved and identity verified. In addition, the trade competition offers 100 DAIs for first place and a total of 550 DAIs.

It should be noted that DAI has three trading pairs on NovaDAX: USDT, BRL and Euro.

NovaDAX announces DAI airdrop campaign
NovaDAX announces DAI airdrop campaign

“Today, The investor is looking for cryptocurrencies not only as a form of easy profit, as happened 10 years ago, but also to protect themselves from the negative circumstances affecting our society. And one of the cryptocurrencies that are attracting most of these new investors is DAI. With the relative stability and proximity to the value of the dollar, it is becoming increasingly easier for the new crypto investor to understand the dynamics of the appreciation and the project and even to participate in the DAI community, “explained Beibei Liu, CEO of NovaDAX.

About NovaDAX

About NovaDAX: NovaDAX was launched in October 2018 and is an exchange operating in Brazil. In addition, NovaDAX officially started operations in Europe in October 2020.

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