Not always: WhatsApp will reconsider and won’t force you to accept the new privacy policy

Latest May 15 the deadline for accepting the new data protection declaration of Whatsapp. The platform warned users to decline the update they would gradually lose the functionality of the app until your account was useless. However, after months of standing firmly in his position, they decided to reconsider And now they say that there will always be no negative consequences.

Last January, Whatsapp announced a controversial update to its terms and conditions highlighting changes to privacy. Now users would accept Share WhatsApp data with Facebook for commercial purposes, among others.

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What would happen if I didn’t update WhatsApp?

Not always: WhatsApp will reconsider and won’t force you to accept the new privacy policy
Not always: WhatsApp will reconsider and won’t force you to accept the new privacy policy

Allegedly, those who did not rate the change as “OK” would gradually lose some features, such as:

  • You can no longer send or receive messages.
  • It won’t allow you to enter your chat list
  • You cannot take missed calls or video calls

The remaining functions, such as Reply to messages or receive calls and notifications, they would be lost even after a few weeks. Although the platform made it clear that the accounts would not be deleted, the app would be so restricted that it would be unusable.

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This threat made millions of users of Whatsapp all over the world accept changes in time and form. But now it turns out that it wasn’t really necessary after all.

Not always …

The application owned by Facebook took a step back and announced on its official page that you can still enjoy all the features even if you do not accept the new guidelines.

“This update will not remove a user account or remove access to WhatsApp functions on May 15th”It says in the question-and-answer section of the platform.

Of course, from time to time a notice about the update will appear, which you can simply decline.

“Ok, let’s do that. No, we can’t see your personal messages. No, we won’t delete your account. Yes, you can always accept it.”wrote the platform on Twitter on May 14th.

A theory about Why did WhatsApp change its mind? Regarding this, several governments disagree with his new policy and have announced restrictions if the company insists on the plan.

In summary, if you have already accepted the changes, the decision is irrevocable. And if not, you can be sure that your account is safe and that you won’t lose any WhatsApp functionality.

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