North Korea says the recent US cruise missile test is a “dangerous” movement

SEOUL, Aug. 22 (Reuters / EP) –

A North Korean spokesman said Thursday that the recent test of mid-range cruise missiles by the United States and its plans to deploy F-35 aircraft and offensive military equipment on the Korean peninsula are “dangerous” movements that “would trigger a New Cold War “in the region.

North Korea remains unchanged in its position to solve all problems through dialogue and negotiation, a spokesman for the North Korean Foreign Ministry said, but “the dialogue accompanied by military threats does not interest us,” as collected by the North Korean media KCNA.

North Korea says the recent US cruise missile test is a “dangerous” movement
North Korea says the recent US cruise missile test is a “dangerous” movement

“Dangerous and unusual military movements are now on the horizon, which would trigger a new Cold War on the Korean peninsula and in the region,” he said.

The work-level talks between the United States and North Korea have not yet restarted, after they were stalled by the failed second summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Hanoi in February.

Trump and Kim held another meeting in June at the inter-Korean border and agreed to reopen the negotiations.

The US envoy to North Korea, Stephen Biegun, who leads the working-level talks with Pyongyang, has been in Seoul since Tuesday after a visit to Japan to discuss the denuclearization of North Korea.

“We are prepared to participate as soon as we hear from our counterparts in North Korea,” Biegun said Wednesday.

The Pentagon reported Monday that it conducted a test of a cruise missile launched on land with a range of more than 500 kilometers, the first such test since the United States withdrew from the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) .

North Korea has launched several short-range missiles in recent weeks, citing the need to strengthen its own security.

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