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North Korea launches two unidentified projectiles towards the sea of ​​Japan, according to South Korea

August 16, 2019


The South Korean Army has reported Friday that North Korea has launched two unidentified projectiles into the sea of ​​Japan, according to the South Korean news agency Yonhap.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff of the South (JCS) has indicated that the projectiles have been launched from Kangwon Province and stressed that it “maintains its preparation” while analyzing the situation, without offering further details.

For their part, the North Korean authorities have not yet decided on the launch.

The North Korean Armed Forces fired two ballistic shells last Saturday, this time two short-range missiles that fell into the sea of ​​Japan, according to the JCS.

The last missiles were fired at 5.32 and 5.50 from the North Korean coastal town of Hamhung and flew about 400 kilometers at a maximum altitude of 48 kilometers.

Pyongyang fired two other projectiles the week before, hours after South Korea and the United States initiated new joint military maneuvers and following warnings from the North Korean authorities against them.

North Korea has said Friday that it does not intend to resume talks with South Korea and has indicated that “it makes no sense” to wait until they resume when Seoul and Washington finish their joint military exercise.

South Korea and North Korea signed military agreements in September for which they pledged to reduce border tensions. Pyongyang has said he considers the military drills between Seoul and Washington as an “aggressive war exercise” against North Korea.