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No more useless joints! Follow these rules to have effective meetings

April 19, 2020

Stop wasting valuable time at your work meetings. Write down these keys to plan them and maximize the efficiency of your team.

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Many of us attend meetings that are not productive at all or go without knowing the reason. Unfortunately we cannot avoid them, they are important for the business due to the brainstorming, discussions and open dialogue between everyone. However we can make them more effective. In order to increase efficiency and not waste everyone's time, I share five tips for effective meetings:

No more useless joints! Follow these rules to have effective meetingsNo more useless joints! Follow these rules to have effective meetings

1. Don't start late. There are always people who come to the meeting five or ten minutes late. Don't wait for them to start, that's bad for the people who came before. You can summarize for those who came later when some things have already been discussed.

2. Prepare an agenda. Prepare for the meeting with the objectives you want to touch. Mail that agenda to your classmates before you meet so they can prepare themselves too. Make sure these goals are clear and everyone understands them.

3. Ensure everyone's participation. Decide which people you are going to invite. If you want it to be effective you must invite the right people. The number of attendees is an important factor that can determine the efficiency of the meeting. Check the list of people and ask yourself if it's really necessary.

4. Don't change the subject. If you want to end everything on the agenda, then don't be distracted by other things. If someone tries to discuss another topic, respectfully remind them that this is not on that day's agenda and that they can see it at another time.

Either way, if that issue is important to the business and needs to be resolved right away, ask the other attendees if they want to resolve that right away assuming all participants on that topic are present.

5. Document your meeting. Delegate someone to take notes during the meeting. It ends with an action plan recapitulating who is going to work on each thing. Then mail those notes to everyone who attended with their homework. Make sure to send it within 24 hours and follow up a few days later to see how the employees are doing.

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