No, Mark Cuban did not buy the Mexican presidential plane

A rumor spread on social networks that claimed that the American businessman, owner of Mavericks of Dallas, had bought the Mexican presidential plane.

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No, Mark Cuban did not buy the Mexican presidential plane
No, Mark Cuban did not buy the Mexican presidential plane

The president of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador placed the sale of the presidential plane of the Aztec nation, however, so far the last news was that he was going to raffle it in the National Lottery. But, yesterday a rumor broke out in social networks, in which it was claimed that Mark Cuban, an American businessman had bought the aircraft.

It all started with a tweet from the Airplane Ben account, in which he said they were in negotiations to acquire the presidential plane Boeing 787, but that Mark Cuban was ahead of them.

“We were about to sign a contract to buy the 787 Mexican presidential. The minimum price was set at $ 126 million. Mark Cuban enters and buys it for a few million less. Congratulations Mr. Cuban! You bought a great aircraft at a great price, ”he added.

However, Forbes magazine journalist Hayley Cuccinello said that Cuban told the media that this is false.

The journalist clarified that she does not know if the aircraft was sold, but that Cuban is not the buyer.

Mark Cuban owns the Dallas Mavericks and has an estimated fortune of $ 4.3 billion (mdd), according to Forbes .

Since his presidential campaign, President López Obrador promised that the presidential plane would be sold, bought at the end of the Felipe Calderón administration and used in Enrique Peña Nieto's, for luxurious and excessive. However, not finding a buyer. The president proposed that a raffle be made in which the prize would not be the plane, but the cash.

In early February, the president explained that six million tickets will be issued at a price of 500 pesos each. If they were all sold, 3,000 million pesos would be collected. The Institute to Return the Stolen People (formerly SAE) would provide resources of 2,000 million pesos, which would be to give 100 prizes of 20 million pesos to the winners of the draw. Of the money raised from the sale of “little pieces” of the lottery, 400 million pesos will be used to maintain the aircraft and the rest to buy medical equipment.

In his morning conference, the president did not mention any offer to buy the aircraft, but said he will get on the presidential plane, but only on a tour, he even suggested that there can be a morning conference.

During his speech on Monday, the head of the Federal Executive said that he remains in the proposal to sell the plane and make the raffle, which will be equivalent to the value of the aircraft, and whose collection -repeated-, will be used to purchase medical equipment and vehicles as ambulances.

“For April or May we will start visiting it (the plane) we will go, maybe we will do a 'morning' there. Yes I am going to climb, not in the air, on land, ”said the president.

He said that at the end of March the aircraft that will be in the United States will arrive, and it is expected that it will be stationed in what was the Presidential Hangar , now called the Sixth Air Force of the Mexican Air Force.

He also said that the sale of raffle tickets is estimated to start on March 15.

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