Nine PITA companies in Almería have their innovative stamp on the private blockchain network

Almería Science and Technology Park (PITA) has just announced that nine affiliates have received an innovative company’s digital certificate through the APTE blockchain.

The certification fell on this occasion Companies ranging from graphic design, communication and production in the province of Almería to renowned institutions for professional certification, Through trading companies dedicated to the wholesale trade of grain, tobacco and animal feed in the region.

The companies that enable the respective certification to be displayed on their websites are: Estudio Carmona Crocce, Bullsoft Solutions, plant nutrition, Zayin technology, Ecogestiona, Cardial Recursos Alternativeos, ISAM International School of Agricultural Management, Grupo Lunamax and Hortimax.

Nine PITA companies in Almería have their innovative stamp on the private blockchain network
Nine PITA companies in Almería have their innovative stamp on the private blockchain network

In a press release from the local newspaper Almería newspaper, PITA director Diego Clemente emphasized the importance of this certification and added that it is a new service offered by the governing body.

“This is a new service that we offer in the area of ​​innovation. This is a great advantage for companies to demonstrate this recognition before any job they request. The term is still open, so that more companies can access this seal in the coming weeks, “says Clemente.

It is worth noting that the certification initiative with blockchain technology, which is implemented by the Association of the Spanish Scientific and Technological Parks (APTE) for innovative companies in the nation, is carried out with the aim Create a register of Spanish companies and innovative companies to increase visibility.

The sub-registration is part of the blockchain network of science and technology parks called BLOCKPCT. The company has the financial backing of Telefónica to provide fast and secure access to this technology for the more than 8,000 companies in the 52 operational science parks in Spain.

It is important to emphasize this It is the science and technology parks that present the candidacies of companies and bodies that they are considered innovative and also meet the requirements that have already been defined.

On this occasion, all companies in the Almería Park were selected to receive the seal of “Innovative unityCompanies that already use the symbol on their websites and present it to the organizations that need it.

Last April, ten companies from Espaitec, the science and technology park of Jaume I University in Castelló, received the corresponding certificate from a national innovation company.

At that time, the flags included industries as diverse as technology consulting, food, donations and engineering.

As if that wasn’t enough from the same month APTE reported the opening of its online platform, which focuses on content on new technologies for people or companies who want to improve their digital skills during the health crisis and use new technologies in their workplace,

Part of the content focused on disruptive technologies such as big data, AI and blockchain to meet business needs and update knowledge about these digital trends.

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