Nigerian Police release 300 chained people, mostly children, in Kaduna


More than 300 people, mostly children, have been found chained in a building in the city of Kaduna, in northern Nigeria, as reported by the Police on Friday, which has released them.

The liberated people, coming mainly from Burkina Faso, Mali and other African countries, were in a house that housed an Islamic school in Rigasa, according to local press.

Nigerian Police release 300 chained people, mostly children, in Kaduna
Nigerian Police release 300 chained people, mostly children, in Kaduna

Some of the minors have said they have suffered sexual abuse by adult males and others have reported that they were being tortured to recite the Quran. So far, the police have arrested eight people.

“It is supposed to be an Islamic center, but trying to escape from here entails serious punishment,” said Bello Hamza, a 42-year-old man who had been held for three months after being cheated by his family. “They tie people and hang it from the ceiling,” he illustrated, according to Nigerian media.

“They give us very bad food and we only eat twice a day,” added Hamza, who claims to have witnessed the death of “one person due to torture.” “Others had died before my arrival due to torture and health problems,” he said.

Kaduna Police Commissioner Ali Janga explained that they received “information that something was happening in this rehabilitation center or Islamic center.” When the agents arrived on Thursday they discovered that it was not either, he added.

“The man who manages it ensures that the parents brought their children here for rehabilitation but, seen as seen, no reasonable father would bring their children to this place,” he stressed, stressing that “most of them were chained.”

Janga has promised that the case will be investigated and “get to the root of the matter” and has ensured that charges will be filed where appropriate. But first, he stressed, “is to evacuate all people from this place” and then parents will be informed so they can pick up their children.

For its part, the owner has denied “all allegations of torture” and other abuses: “The only thing we do here is teach people Islam.” As he explained, “the chains are the most stubborn, who tried to escape.” “Those who do not try to escape are not chained,” he stressed.

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