Nicaragua tops 4,000 cases of coronavirus

Nicaragua exceeded 4,000 cases of coronavirus in the past week, including around 130 deaths. This is evident from the balance provided by the Central American nation’s Ministry of Health.

Health officials have said the pandemic balance increased to 4,115 infected and 128 deaths in the week of August 4-11, an increase of 213 positive and five deaths from the previous week.

“There have been cases of outbreaks through clearly defined contacts,” they said, noting that this week 159 of them “completed the set period” of 3,413 people since the start of the pandemic that it is a “careful and responsible supervision “. The recovered are already 3,072.

Nicaragua tops 4,000 cases of coronavirus
Nicaragua tops 4,000 cases of coronavirus

The official numbers, however, are a far cry from those of the Citizen Observatory, which is independently monitoring the development of the pandemic in Nicaragua. According to his calculations, as of August 5, 9,436 cases and 2,591 deaths from coronavirus were recorded.

Daniel Ortega’s government has downplayed the health crisis and limited itself to making recommendations on the need to maintain social distance, wash hands and wear a mask that medical associations have called for “self-care”.

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