Nicaragua releases more than 1,000 ordinary prisoners

The Nicaraguan government released more than 1,000 ordinary prisoners on Tuesday, so that decision would have released around 4,000 prisoners in 2021, up from 26,000 as of 2016.

“With this step towards the family coexistence of more than 1,000 families, we are already reaching 26,000 families who have been brought together since 2016 (…) This is what the Vice President of Nicaragua, Rosario Murillo, said on Tuesday in a statement by official media referring to the President of the country, Daniel Ortega, refers.

The measure, which includes “a new opportunity to straighten the road”, was justified by the Presidency on the Christmas dates, which mean “joy and happiness” for the citizens of Nicaragua.

Nicaragua releases more than 1,000 ordinary prisoners
Nicaragua releases more than 1,000 ordinary prisoners

“26,386 people, ie families, have passed into the regime of family coexistence (…) including traqueros, others call them terrorists, criminals, but at least they received the generosity of the Nicaraguan people and were released,” said.

However, the Ortega government has not provided any information about the political prisoners held in the country’s prisons. About 160 are behind bars and reported ill-treatment and torture by their families, according to La Prensa newspaper.

In November, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights accused the Nicaraguan government of disregard for failing to comply with the organization’s measures to release more than 20 political prisoners.

The facility defended that the positions taken by Ortega and Murillo represent a disregard for the binding nature of decisions dictated by the body while violating the international principle of honoring their traditional obligations in good faith, the local newspaper reported, The Press.

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