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Ngrave is hiring crypto pioneers as consultants

May 17, 2020

Ngrave, the digital asset security company, announced two new advisors in May: Michael Terpin, a pioneering crypto investor who co-founded BitAngels in 2013, and well-known cryptographer Jean-Jacques Quisquater, mentioned in the white paper Bitcoin (BTC).

Nominations before the launch of Ngrave Zero Hardware Wallet, which will go on sale on May 26th via Indiegogo.

Pioneering crypto investor Michael Terpin joins Ngrave

On May 15, Ngrave announced the appointment of Michael Terpin, announce that would be responsible for advising the company on “public relations and business strategy“”

Ngrave is hiring crypto pioneers as consultants
Ngrave is hiring crypto pioneers as consultants

“Security is one of the main obstacles to the introduction of cryptocurrency in everyday life,” said Terpin. “I am happy to lend Ngrave my guide Start the world’s most secure hardware cryptocurrency“he added.

After founding the first angel network for digital currency startups at BitAngel, Terpin left became the founder and CEO of the crypto investor events company CoinAgenda, and the blockchain company for public relations, Transform group.

Ngrave takes on a renowned cryptographer as a consultant

On May 13, Ngrave announced Jean-Jacques Quisquater as a new consultant, a famous cryptographer whose article 1999 “Designing a secure timestamp service with minimal trust requirements” is cited in the Bitcoin white paper. Quisquater advises Ngrave on cryptographic security protocols.

“Although cryptography has been studied for decades, the world is beginning to recognize its true potential when applied to cryptocurrencies,” said Quisquater. “”Companies like NGRAVE will provide the necessary security mechanisms to implement a real takeover“”

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