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NGOs demand that donor money for Venezuela be “passed on” quickly

May 27, 2020

A group of seven NGOs have requested that the funds pledged at the donor conference on the migration crisis in Venezuela on Tuesday “reach the most vulnerable in a timely and effective manner” and “be quickly channeled through organizations with” local presence to the most vulnerable Reach groups.

The forum ended with the collection of 595 million euros, a number that the organizers will increase to 2,544 million across the board, taking into account loans and other grants provided for this crisis, which includes more than five million Venezuelan migrants and refugees World.

Care, the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), Oxfam, Plan International, Save the Children and World Vision have joined forces to welcome these commitments as a “fundamental” step to meet the needs of Venezuelans at a time particularly different from that of the US coronavirus pandemic affected, “one crisis in another crisis”.

NGOs demand that donor money for Venezuela be “passed on” quicklyNGOs demand that donor money for Venezuela be “passed on” quickly

However, they also recalled that the funds represent around 50 percent of the regional budget requested and asked them to “reach those who need it most”. To this end, they proposed that it be run by organizations with a local presence and that civil society participation in coordination spaces should be facilitated.

“This sustainable aid is vital to help migrants, particularly women, girls and boys, who are at risk of sexual and labor exploitation, human trafficking, violence and xenophobia,” warned humanitarian organizations in a statement.