NFTs are the new way to raise funds for indie gaming

On December 6th, just two days after launching an NFT-powered “card pack” for its Alien Worlds network video game, The 15-person team behind the Dacoco development studio sold all of the packages after successfully raising $ 250,000.

Although a quarter of a million seems like a pittance in a world where a single NFT creature can routinely rack up six-figure and more established games like The Sandbox and Decentraland, it’s the kind of gross that can for a smaller studio. ensure the success of a project and, according to Robert Hoogendoorn, editor-in-chief of Play To Earn, The unique incentives for buyers mean it could become part of a bigger trend.

“Finding smaller games, investing early and expecting them to flourish is very similar to investing in crypto,” Hoogendoorn said. “”They hope to find the game that will become the next Minecraft and that will multiply the investment 100 times“.

NFTs are the new way to raise funds for indie gaming
NFTs are the new way to raise funds for indie gaming

While traditional video game crowdfunding efforts allow early believers to pawn their money in exchange for rewards such as named game pieces or invitations to launch parties, NFT-powered games may turn the same concept into a real investment.

“Land ownership has been an upper-class privilege for centuries,” said Michael Yeates, co-founder of Alien Worlds. “With cryptocurrencies, everyone now has the opportunity to earn passive income by owning land that really belongs to them.”

In-game items and supported resources such as NFT can accumulate A significant resale value as the game grows in popularityand according to the Alien Worlds team Complex gambling economies can even become profitable assets.

“”The NFTs [de Alien Worlds] differ from traditional NFT trading cards in that they have real features recognized by smart gaming contracts“explains Alo World’s co-founder Saro Mckenna.”One NFT can give more Trilium (Alien Worlds in-game currency) when used, another can potentially be used more often […] This is quite sophisticated compared to blockchain standards, where functionality often remains basic even when there is immutability and decentralization. “

Alien worldswhich is presented as “DAO and DeFi in Space”, is one of several titles that are at the forefront of NFT monetization for gamers in the game, but Hoogendoorn believes there is more to come.

“It may sound strange to developers to give the players ownership of the assets, but what if? Developers receive 5% for every transaction in the game or in the chain? You will create a new stream of income. In addition, they create a community that has an interest in their game world. Engagement will be much higher due to the economic incentive. “

However, Developers who want to benefit from the new trend should investigate this firstHoogendoorn warned.

Understand the scarcity and build the game economy on it, and [asegúrate] To have a game economy that is interesting for the players to invest a lot of time and effort. “

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