NFT ticketing platform combines art and events

FlashBack is an NFT ticketing platform that brings together art and events that want people to return the experience of having memories of the events they attend.

The platform enables event organizers to create bespoke art-style NFT tickets. People can buy these exclusive works of art and keep all of these memorabilia in their FlashBack collection. In addition, people can follow their favorite event organizers and influencers with common interests to spot the best events, ”they said in a statement they shared with Cointelegraph in Spanish.

The use of NFT was chosen because tickets cannot be forged. Flashback is based on Avalanche. “The blockchain … Avalanche helps keep NFT digital and secure from fraud and unwanted visitors,” they noted.

NFT ticketing platform combines art and events
NFT ticketing platform combines art and events

Elena Obukhova, Founder and CEO of FlashBack, commented, “Every event is a unique memory that we want to keep, be it a vibrant festival in California or a birthday party for your five year old son. We are building an avant-garde way to keep these memories for people. And make every event ticket something special for event organizers. “

On the other hand, Olga Filatova, founder and COO of FlashBack, said: “After talking to organizers and potential partners, we received very positive feedback. It confirmed our idea and gave us more confidence to reshape the event industry market. We are determined to improve this by driving ticket sales and creating a safer environment for any event. “

FlashBack is currently supported by the following event projects: Papaya Playa Project (Tulum), SuperChief NFT Gallery (New York), Labitconf (Latin America), FAS | Fintech Advisory Services (Global), Global Government Blockchain Summit (Dubai) and others.

Chance to NFT. to win

With a pre-registration beginning June 25th and lasting only one month, FlashBack is offering the chance to win 1 of 9 NFTs from Exquisite Workers, a community of 572 artists from 50 countries.

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