NFT company Dropp GG to launch ‘geo-minting’ and ‘mixed reality’ events????

The augmented reality and NFT platform Solana-based Dropp GG develops geo-based NFT mining and “mixed reality events” tied to the Metaverse.

The company was founded in early 2021 and will gradually launch several initiatives throughout the year, including related NFT publications, geo-mining events, AR-assisted virtual plots, and a Metaverse platform that maps the physical world.

Dropp recently closed an $8 million funding round backed by major cryptocurrency and NFT firms, such as Animoca Brands, Alameda Research DeFiance Capital and Three Arrows Capital. Funding will be used for intellectual property building, partnerships and Metaverse/AR technology development.

NFT company Dropp GG to launch ‘geo-minting’ and ‘mixed reality’ events????
NFT company Dropp GG to launch ‘geo-minting’ and ‘mixed reality’ events????

One of Dropp’s key initiatives will be the introduction of NFT embossing based on geography (geo-embossing)., whose beta testing is planned for this quarter. The term refers to specific collections of NFTs that can only be minted by users located at the default physical delivery location.

The company is promoting NFTs as a new way for associated artists, celebrities and influencers to release exclusive collectibles to their public, while the scarcity of unique and area-specific NFTs is intended to provide value for collectors.

Dropp hasn’t said anything about the other partnerships he’s landed so far., but told Cointelegraph The company will announce collaborations with several “celebrities, models and artists” over the next month.

The company will also launch a metaverse platform called Dropp Land, which will offer a virtual reality world mapped to the real world.. As part of the project, users can buy virtual land NFTs, earn performance bonuses with them, or rent them out to other people.

AR support for the Metaverse platform is also in the works, which will allow users to experience “mixed reality” events. containing digital representations of Virtual Land and other NFTs purchased from Dropp Land in the physical world.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, The founder of Dropp, who calls himself “Mr. Moonman,” explained that the company intends to embark 500,000 users in Dropp Land in the future and will focus on bridging the Metaverse and the physical world by allowing users to interact with their NFTs on both spheres.

Moonman said that The NFT market operates very differently than any other industry as the sector can attract everything from “cryptocurrency hobbyists” to gamers, artists, collectors and retailers.

The founder expects that NFT technology will be widely adopted as the industry advances with more general purpose utilities:

“People will use NFTs as digital art, digital tickets, digital documents, digital identities and digital currencies, which will be essential in the near future.”

“Just as the idea of ​​fiat money came from the exchange coupon, NFTs will soon replace transactions that require proof of authenticity. We believe the adoption of NFTs is inevitable.”, he added.

The first collection of NFT associated with the company will be released later this month on the Soulshift NFT platform and will contain 10,000 NFT featuring artwork by acclaimed streetwear designer Hiroshi Fujiwara and artist/skater Mark Gonzales.

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