NFT Axie Infinity Game Creator increases Virtual Earth by 9,200% in one year

Kieran Warwick, Co-founder of Illuvium, the upcoming gaming metaverse powered by NFT, betrayed that achieved a profit of more than 9,000% by investing a virtual property that was purchased in the metaverse of Axie infinity.

Warwick, the brother of Cain, founder of Synthetix, relates to the purchase of the land in mid-2020 and indicates that “Back then there weren’t too many use cases” for the digital earth, and that advertising and metaverse mining have not yet become commonplace as public services. for virtual property.

He bought the property for $ 300 and announced the sale a year later for $ 28,000 July 13th.

I just sold a piece of land for $ 28,000 that I bought for $ 300.

Do you think this won’t be a revolution?

What if your child asks you to play something and comes back with wads of cash?

to???? Kieran (@KieranWarwick) July 12, 2021

NFT Axie Infinity Game Creator increases Virtual Earth by 9,200% in one year
NFT Axie Infinity Game Creator increases Virtual Earth by 9,200% in one year

Despite the apparent lack of utility, Warwick invested “heavily in” Axie Infinity based on “the promise to build the Metaverse”. While the players are still expect Axie to develop the functionality of their terrain, Kieran notes that the packages have appreciated thousands of percent in value over the past year.

“It was basically a speculation, I thought that playing to win, in itself, this is this new gaming paradigm that is emerging now, is going to bring so many players to this game. Whatever happens when I’m on unusual terrain buy it, it will be worth some money, ”he said.

Warwick has invested in digital land in four Metaverse projects, but only named Axie Infinity and Mars.

“I want lands in all of the different games I think of […] they will grow over the next few years. “

Compare your investment strategy with physical real estate and note that Investors look for new developments and other signs of growth when predicting whether property prices are likely to rise in a given suburb.

“It’s exactly the same principle in the Metaverse,” said Warwick. When you feel like there is going to be popularity and that other people besides you are going to build? […] then It’s a breeze to buy these lands. In almost all cases they are very rare. “

“When you’ve minted 10,000 tickets and suddenly there are a million players, you can see that the scarcity is really going to be an attraction.”

Virtual land can be a productive good

Beyond the speculative buying and selling games, Warwick Stresses Virtual Real Estate Investors Can Farm Their Land Note that many Decentraland homeowners have in-game advertising on their plots.

While you think that “advertising opportunities are probably the biggest use case right now”, Warwick predicts that the gains for the virtual earth will be “infinite” as the metaverse grows.

Warwick too announced that his own project will soon start selling land, stresses that Illuvium’s virtual properties “will have a use case from day one”.

Said Illuvium will host a mini-game that will allow virtual owners to mine an ore from the game used to emboss elements in it.

“You can only break it down when you have dirt, so it has a use case right away,” Warwick said, emphasizing that he doesn’t want the only uses of Illuvium real estate to be speculation: “Just a stagnant thing where people buy and it only matters when someone else wants to buy it.”

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