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‘Wrath of the Lich King’ looking good, ‘WoW’ fans say

April 1, 2018
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The latest expansion to the best-selling online game gives hard-core players more levels, a new hero class and richer story telling. (CNET — 9 August, 2008)
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PC version will feature an exclusive multi-player version when it comes out Nov. 18 in North America and Nov. 21 in Europe. (CNET — 7 August, 2008)
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The sequel to the original video game based on Mario Puzo’s book and the hit films takes the story line beyond New York to other American cities. (CNET — 8 August, 2008)
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According to a report on, the venerable console, which is still selling more than a million units a year, is doing just fine. (CNET — 5 August, 2008)
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