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Will you pay to see Jolie-Pitt babies?

October 10, 2018
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People magazine’s editors hope interest in Knox and Vivienne Jolie-Pill will be strong enough that folks will plunk down their diminishing discretionary dollars to buy the latest issue, which hits newsstands Monday. Will you? (MSNBC — 4 August, 2008)
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Let’s face it, the world can be an ugly place. But there’s nothing more beautiful than the dark and dreary set design that makes many movies depicting “the future” worth seeing. (MSNBC — 7 August, 2008)
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Our annual commercial contest is coming to a close. Before we go: Regional ads, humor in commercials, and our irrational hatred for some commercial actors. (MSNBC — 5 August, 2008)
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Science editor Alan Boyle’s Weblog: Observations from the Hubble Space Telescope suggest that big galaxies steal globular star clusters from little ones, using gravity to pull off the heist. (MSNBC — 6 August, 2008)
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