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Why your online store needs SEO

December 12, 2018
Why your online store needs SEO

In this article we will see the term SEO, what is its basic function, what it serves and above all, how it can help me in my online business. You already know that having a website of your brand or company is a basis for any presence in digital format, but this is useless if you do not ensure that your audience can look for you. That’s why we have to apply a series of tools for browsers, such as Google, to help your users find you and for that we have to use SEO services.

What is SEO?

SEO is the nomenclature of Search Engine Optimization and really is a process that helps improve the visibility of a website in the results of different search engines. Also there to add that these results are organic, i.e. not paid. If it were the case we would talk about SEM (Search Engine Marketing), an example for you to understand better, SEO is like finding a free parking near the site to which you have to go, and SEM would be equal to pay a parking directly.

Why your online store needs SEO
Why your online store needs SEO

What are the advantages of SEO in my online store?

Knowing how to use and better your SEO in your company will give you a great strategy fundamental for the future of your brand. Therefore, the main advantages that can bring you are the following:

  • Increase your visibility, most users only visit the websites that are in the top rankings of search engines, improving your SEO, you may appear in the top positions and thus opt to have more visits.
  • Improve your online image, be in a high position of the search engine will lead to know more your brand online and your users will improve their experience. Users will know that your site has already been visited by other users and will give them confidence to look for what they need.
  • Make your website profitable, the web positioning is linked to social networks and these will also improve in the face of the public and the audience.
  • You can optimize and study, the good thing about SEO is that you can try new things and discover that can improve your site online, offering better results and correcting possible errors.

A fundamental part of SEO is the onsite SEO, which tries to ensure that the website is optimized so that the search engine understands the main thing, this includes keyword optimization, page load times and URL format. In addition a correct implementation of keywords are essential for the browser to tag your website to specify the search of readers, Another very important factor is the linkbuilding, consists of a strategy to increase the authority of your website and is based on sharing content of your website in third party pages, with the aim of giving added value to your work, but be careful, this must be done naturally because a bad linkbuilding could harm you.

In short, investing in long-term SEO means optimizing your website to get positioned among the top positions. It ensures that you have a fantastic source of traffic quality and without cost.