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Where did Zuckerberg sleep last night? (And other key moments from Senate grilling)

April 10, 2018

When Zuckerberg began naming different categories of competitors who may overlap with what Facebook is doing, Graham stopped him to ask if there was any direct, comparable alternative to Facebook. He then flat-out asked Zuckerberg whether Facebook was a monopoly.

“It certainly doesn’t feel like that to me,” Zuckerberg said.

Graham followed up, asking if European regulations are right.

“I think they get things right,” Zuckerberg said, prompting some audience laughter to break the tension.

Zuckerberg agrees Facebook is ‘responsible for the content’

In his strongest statement yet on the topic, Zuckerberg acknowledged that Facebook is responsible for the content on its platform.

Facebook and other platforms have for years used “safe harbor” as a reason to absolve themselves of responsibility for what is on their platforms.

This admission could potentially spell changes for Facebook and other major tech companies if safe harbor is no longer accepted as the norm.

Robert Mueller’s team has interviewed Facebook employees

Zuckerberg said special counsel Robert Mueller’s team has interviewed some Facebook employees, but clarified that he hasn’t been interviewed by the team.