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Von der Leyen asks Hungary and Romania to “change quickly” their candidates for commissioners after the Eurocide veto

September 30, 2019


The future president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, hopes that Budapest and Bucharest will present as soon as possible alternative candidates to occupy a portfolio in the Community Executive, after the Committee of Legal Affairs of the European Parliament has vetoed the Romanian socialist Rovana Plumb and the Hungarian conservative László Trócsányi, considering that there is a conflict of interest in both cases.

“The president-elect will speak with the prime ministers of Romania and Hungary with the aim of quickly receiving replacement proposals,” a community spokeswoman told Europa Press.

The legal commission of the European Parliament has rejected for the second time on Monday the candidacy of Plumb with 13 votes against and 7 in favor, while that of Hungarian Trócsány has fallen with 12 against and 9 in favor.

The approval of this commission is an inexcusable prerequisite for the designated commissioners to move on to the next phase of the process, that is, to undergo an oral examination of the MEPs before the new Commission as a whole submits to the vote of the full of the Eurocamara.

The veto on Plumb and Trócsany, who were scheduled to undergo the auditions this week like the other commissioners, means that examinations for the candidates from Romania and Hungary are suspended, until substitutes are appointed. This, however, will not affect the rest of the appearance calendar.

The reservations of MEPs have to do with the lack of transparency of the Romanian Socialist when reporting a loan late and, in the case of the former Hungarian Justice Minister, have not convinced their explanations to decouple their political career and his activity in a law firm.

MEPs already expressed a negative opinion of both candidates after listening to them in a closed session held last week in Brussels, after which they already transferred to the president of the Eurochamber, David Sassoli, who did not consider them fit to perform the task of commissioners .

Sassoli, however, asked the legal commission for certain clarifications when considering that its first review was not clear enough, which forced MEPs to resume the session on Monday. Thus, they have voted a second time to confirm their rejection and sent a letter to Sassoli in which their veto is made clear to both the Romanian and Hungarian candidates.