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Uncertain death toll in Georgia-Russia war

September 29, 2018
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Almost immediately after the outbreak of the Russia-Georgia war, officials on both sides claimed wild and improbable death tolls. But it is likely that far fewer civilians died than originally reported. (MSNBC — 8 hours ago)
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TBILISI, Georgia — It was evening, and Manana Rodiashvili had just milked her cow. The disputed region of South Ossetia had seen skirmishes in recent days, but her village was calm.

(Washington Post — 11 hours ago)
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Now that the fighting between Georgia and Russia has subsided, killings will be grist for competing claims of ethnic cleansing. (New York Times — 20 August, 2008)
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RUSTAVI, Georgia, Aug. 23 — Georgian civilians captured and recently freed by Russian and South Ossetian forces on Saturday described beatings, forced labor and miserable living conditions in prison.

(Washington Post — 24 August, 2008)
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Georgia has deployed a massive police presence in and around the city of Gori to help guarantee security for returning residents. (New York Times — 24 August, 2008)
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