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Twelve civilians killed in a bomb attack in northern Afghanistan

August 18, 2019


At least twelve civilians, including women and children, have died in a bomb attack on Sunday morning in the town of Barbar, in the province of Balj, in the north of the country.

Mohammad Yusuf, governor of the Dawlat Abad district, where Barbar is located, has reported the detonation, which occurred when the vehicle in which the victims were traveling activated a road bomb.

The civilians were heading to Mazar e Sharif, capital of the province of Balj, Yusuf explained, which has specified that among the victims there are two minors and seven women.

Yusuf has pointed to the Taliban as responsible for the attack and stressed that in the last two days there have been fighting between government forces and the Taliban in Barbar.

Despite the peace talks between the Taliban and representatives of the United States Government, violence continues in Afghanistan, a country that has been in conflict since the fall of the fundamentalist regime of the movement founded by Mullah Mohamed Omar in 2001.