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Turkey’s ruling party escapes ban

September 24, 2018
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ANKARA – Turkey’s Islamist-rooted ruling party narrowly escapedbeing banned today for undermining secularism as the ConstitutionalCourt decided to punish it with financial sanctions instead. – Brisbane Times (The Brisbane Times — 31 July, 2008)
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ISTANBUL: Turkey has staved off a full-blown political crisis and adescent into prolonged uncertainty after the governing partynarrowly escaped being wound up for allegedly plotting an Islamicstate. (Sydney Morning Herald — 1 August, 2008)
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ISTANBUL, July 30 — Turkey’s highest court Wednesday decided not to outlaw the nation’s ruling party, dealing a setback to the top prosecutor and other members of its secular establishment, who have accused the Justice and Development Party of unlawfully injecting Islam into policymaking.

(Washington Post — 31 July, 2008)
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ANKARA, Turkey, July 31 — Turkey’s ruling party has dropped for now its attempts to lift a decades-old ban on wearing Islamic head scarves in universities, a campaign that infuriated defenders of the country’s secular principles and nearly brought down the government.

(Washington Post — 1 August, 2008)
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Turkey’s top court on Wednesday ruled against closing the governing AK Party for Islamist activities but decided to impose partial financial penalties on the party, chief judge Hasim Kilic said. (MSNBC — 31 July, 2008)
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ISTANBUL, Aug. 1 — An explosion leveled a three-story dormitory at a school in central Turkey Friday morning, killing at least 17 female students and wounding dozens, authorities said.

(Washington Post — 2 August, 2008)
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