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Turkey starts the offensive in northeastern Syria by bombing the SDS in Al Malikiya

October 7, 2019


Turkish fighter planes have bombed a base of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDS) in Hasaka province in northeastern Syria on Monday, Syrian public television Al Mayadín reported and collects the Russian news agency Sputnik.

“Turkish planes have attacked the headquarters of Kurdish forces around the city of Al Malikiya, in the province of Al Hasaka, in northeastern Syria,” said the Syrian chain.

This Monday, the United States has announced the withdrawal of its contingent deployed in Syria thus giving “green light” to Turkey's anticipated offensive against the SDS-controlled territory in northeastern Syria.

The objective of the Turkish offensive would be the Popular Protection Units (YPG), the Kurdish militia that makes up the backbone of the SDS, armed forces of the self-proclaimed Republic of Northern Syria. The SDS controls northeastern Syria and so far had the military support of the United States for having been the main shock force in the offensive against the Islamic State in Syria.