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Trump threatens to free European members of Islamic State if they are not repatriated

August 21, 2019

WASHINGTON, Aug 21 (Reuters / EP) –

US President Donald Trump has suggested that Europeans who remain detained in northeastern Syria for fighting for the Islamic State terrorist group could be released if their countries do not accept their repatriation. “The United States is not going to put them to Guantanamo and pay for them,” he warned.

“We have held thousands of Islamic State fighters and Europe has to take over,” Trump said, during statements to the media in which he has alluded to European citizens who would remain in the custody of the Syrian Democratic Forces, allies of States United.

“If Europe does not take them, we will have no choice but to release them in the countries they come from, which are Germany and France, among others,” added the tenant of the White House, who has thus reiterated a call which usually throws from time to time.

Trump has also called for more international collaboration to continue fighting the Islamic State, fearing the group may be gaining ground in Syria and Iraq. “At some point Russia, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, will have to fight their own battles,” he said.

The US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, admitted on Tuesday that the Islamic State had regained strength in some areas, but considered that his ability to continue carrying out attacks was diminished. The Government of the United States has offered rewards of up to 5 million dollars in exchange for information that allows the location of the Terorist leaders Muhammad Abdal-Rahman al Mawla, Sami Jasim Muhammad al Jaburi and Mutaz Numan Abd Nayif Najm al Jaburi.