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Trump says not to risk & aacute; US wealth with “chimeras and mills” to fight climate change

August 26, 2019

The president has claimed responsibility as an “environmentalist” for the numerous environmental impact statements he has made as an entrepreneur

BIARRITZ (FRANCE), Aug. 26 (Reuters / EP) –

The US president, Donald Trump, said Monday that he will not risk US oil prospects with “chimeras and windmills” in response to a question about the fight against climate change.

“I feel that the United States has enormous wealth. Wealth is under its feet. I have brought this wealth to the forefront … We are now the main energy producer in the world and soon we will be by even more margin,” he said. Trump affirmed at a press conference from Biarritz, in southern France, where he has participated in the cover of the G7.

“I am not going to lose that wealth. I am not going to lose it by chimeras, by windmills that, frankly, do not work too well,” said the US president.

Trump announced in 2017, shortly after assuming power, the United States withdrawal from the Paris Agreement negotiated by its predecessor, Barack Obama, although the formal withdrawal will not occur until 2020. In electoral campaign he came to say that global warming is a “hoax.”

In addition, Trump has claimed himself as an “environmentalist” and recalled that he has had to produce numerous environmental impact reports during his years as a real estate developer. “I want the Earth's water to be the cleanest, its air to be the cleanest and that is what we are doing. I am an environmentalist. There are many people who do not understand it. I have probably made more environmental impact reports than nobody who has been president and I think I know more about the environment than the vast majority, “he argued.

Environmentalists have been quick to mock Trump's statements. “The false label on environmentalism is based on gutting the Law on Protected Species, folding into polluting industries and denying climate change while the world burns,” said a spokesman for Greenpeace United States, Travis Nichols.