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Trump says it was Iran who offered to talk if he withdrew the sanctions and refused

September 27, 2019


The president of the United States, Donald Trump, said on Friday that he did not offer Iran the withdrawal of sanctions in exchange for agreeing to sit down to talk but instead went exactly the opposite and refused to accept that proposal.

“Iran wanted me to lift the sanctions imposed in order to meet. I, of course, said no,” said the US president, in a message posted on his personal Twitter social network account.

Trump has released this message minutes after Iran's president Hasan Rohani said that the United States had offered the Islamic Republic to withdraw all sanctions imposed in exchange for both countries sitting down to talk.

“The German Chancellor (Angela Merkel), the British Prime Minister (Boris Johnson) and the President of France (Emmanuel Macron) were in New York and insisted that this meeting be held. And the United States says it will lift the sanctions.” , Rohani explained, according to his official website. “It was discussed what sanctions would be lifted and they have clearly said that they would lift all sanctions,” he added.