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Trump says he could unveil his peace plan for the Middle East before the elections in Israel

August 26, 2019


US President Donald Trump said Monday that his peace proposal for Israelis and Palestinians could be announced before the elections in Israel on September 17, but he has made it clear that there will be no agreement until later.

“I think you could see what the agreement is about before the elections,” Trump said on the margins of the G-7 summit in Biarritz, France. The United States had previously said that the plan would not be known until after the elections.

Trump recalled that he has cut a good part of the aid to the Palestinians and has argued that they could still support his proposal, even though they have so far rejected it, since they want US aid to resume. “I think they would like to recover them,” he said.

The US president has said he believes both sides are “a little tired of fighting,” while he has considered that the elections in Israel are a “complicating factor” in his plan, which was initially planned to be released this summer. From what is known so far, the plan seems focused only on economic issues and has not yet addressed the aspirations and fears of the Palestinians.