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Trump proposed in March to shoot immigrants in the legs on the border with Mexico

October 2, 2019


The president of the United States, Donald Trump, held in March a tense meeting with his main advisers on immigration policy in which, among other ideas, he proposed the immediate closure of the border with Mexico or shooting immigrants in the legs to stop its progress, to the stupor of those present.

The newspaper 'The New York Times' has rebuilt the meeting, held at the Oval Office and subsequent consultants' movements from more than twenty interviews to try to convince Trump to soften his position, which privately included allusions to the construction of a border pit with water and animals – snakes or crocodiles – or an electrified fence with spikes.

What at first were going to be 30 minutes became two hours of meeting, basically consisting of curbing the president's impulses. “You are making me look like an idiot!” Trump shouted in a moment, reviving himself as an expert on the subject: “I campaigned on this. It's my subject.”

In Trump's desire to contain the migratory flow, he even raised the complete closure of the border the next day, an immediacy that would have caused problems for the daily traffic of tourists or workers. The advisors managed to convince the president to postpone the order for at least a week, during which time they mobilized to change his mind.

Thus, they encouraged business executives, Republican legislators and members of the Chamber of Commerce to contact the White House to warn of the damages that the border closure would generate. In the middle of the week, the mood seemed to calm down and the president raised an intermediate route, with threats to Mexico with the imposition of tariffs if he did not take measures to stop the arrival of migrants.

However, another of the consequences of the chaotic March meeting was the start of a purge of advisors whom Trump did not consider faithful enough and who had Kirstjen Nielsen, then Secretary of Homeland Security, as the most notorious victim.