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Trudeau apologizes for a 2001 photograph in which he comes out disguised as Aladdin

September 19, 2019

Justin Trudeau at the press conference after the diffusion of the photo. – VIA REUTERS / HANDOUT.

OTTAWA, Sep 19 (Reuters / EP) –

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, has apologized this Wednesday after a 2001 photograph came out in which he appears disguised as an Aladdin character just five weeks before the election.

The image of a young 29-year-old Trudeau with his face painted completely black has caused numerous criticisms that accuse him of racism. “I should have known it then, but I didn't know it, I did it and I'm very sorry,” Trudeau, 47, said during a press conference.

The magazine 'Time', which has spread the photograph, has indicated that it was delivered by Vancouver businessman Michael Adamson earlier this month. The photograph was in the yearbook of the West Point Gray Academy.

“I dressed up as Aladdin and put on makeup. I shouldn't have done it,” he said. In the image you can see him wearing a white coat and a turban, with his face and hands covered in black makeup.

Trudeau faces the conservative leader, Andrew Scheer, ahead of federal elections scheduled for October 21. Scheer, who has criticized the disguise, has stated that “he is impressed and disappointed.”

“Painting his face black is an act of racism. What Canadians have seen this afternoon is someone with a complete lack of judgment and integrity and someone who does not fit into the government of this country,” he said in a conference Quebec press.