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Thousands of women take to the streets in Mexico to ask for the decriminalization of abortion

September 29, 2019


Thousands of Mexican women have taken to the streets this Saturday to ask for the legalization of abortion throughout the country, coinciding with International Safe Abortion Day.

These protests are held after the Mexican state of Oaxaca, in the south of the country, became the second federal entity to decriminalize abortion in Mexico on Wednesday. Clandestine abortion is the third cause of death of women in Oaxaca, according to official statistics.

The Mexican capital, Mexico City, was the only entity that allowed the legal termination of pregnancy since 2007. In other states it is allowed in cases of rape or when there is a risk to the woman's life, but few entities facilitate it.

In mid-September, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador sent an Amnesty Law initiative to the country's Congress, a project that seeks to grant freedom to prisoners for minor offenses, one of the axes of his strategy to appease the violence that plagues the country. The initiative includes women imprisoned for carrying out a termination of pregnancy and those who have treated them.

During the demonstration several women have reported cases of sexual abuse in the university, in social networks or in public transport services in the country, as reported by the newspaper 'El Universal'.

“It is clear that our intimacy is not to spread on social networks. We have the right to enjoy our sexuality without being exhibited,” said one of those attending this protest.