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Thousands of people demonstrate in Paris against assisted reproduction for lesbians and single women

October 7, 2019

PARIS, Oct. 6 (Reuters / EP) –

Some 42,000 people according to the Police – 600,000 according to the summoners – have peacefully demonstrated this Sunday in Paris to protest against the bill that allows lesbians and single women to conceive children with medical assistance. Current legislation limits 'in vitro' reproduction to male and female couples.

The mobilizations against this initiative endorsed by President Emmanuel Macron directly connect with protests with outbreaks of violence against the Marriage For All law of former President François Hollande. Then, in January 2013, 340,000 participants in the protests were counted, according to the Police, although the summoners raised the figure to one million.

The main voices of that movement, Demonstrations for All, and some conservative deputies, in addition to those who fear that this law is another step to legalize surrogacy gestation, have participated in this march.

However, now the initiative has clear popular support of between 65 and 68 percent in the surveys. The Catholic Church has criticized the proposal, but has not called for mobilization.

“This is not over yet,” said a leader of Demonstrations for All, Ludovine de la Rochere. “This is just the beginning,” he warned.