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Thousands of people demonstrate in Moscow called by the opposition to demand release

September 29, 2019

MOSCOW, Sep. 29 (Reuters / EP) –

Some 20,000 people, according to the police estimate, have demonstrated on Sunday in Moscow to request the release of politicians and protesters imprisoned in one of the most successful calls for opposition in recent months.

Despite the fine rain and the controls with security arches, the protesters have waved the flags of several opposition groups now united by this claim.

About 30 minutes after the time of the call, authorized by the City Council, 18,000 attendees were counted, according to the White Counter group, dedicated to quantify political concentrations.

The prisoners were arrested in July in the demonstrations against the veto against the candidates of the opposition to the local elections of September 8 in Moscow in which they denounced that there was abuse of authority by the Police. The harsh sentences imposed for up to four years in prison have led to the mobilization of part of the citizenship.

After the protests, one of the detainees was released on bail, but the opposition believes that it is a gesture of President Vladimir Putin to avoid further concessions and that is why voices such as that of opposition politician Leonid Volkov point out that if there is an important participation in The protest this Sunday, the government will have to release more people. “If we reach 50,000 people, they are sure to get everyone out,” Volkov said via Twitter before the appointment.

Despite the veto, Putin's United Russia party lost a third of its seats in the Moscow assembly in which the opponent Alexei Navalni – who had asked for a “tactical” vote in favor of the Kremlin-tolerated opposition – has qualified of “victory.”