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They investigate an American astronaut for what could be the first crime committed in space

August 25, 2019


An American astronaut, Anne McClain, is being investigated for accessing a bank account of her ex-partner, also the military Summer Worden, during her stay at the International Space Station in what would be the first crime committed in space.

Worden and McClain are immersed in a separation and custody process for their six-year-old son for almost a year. That's why Worden was surprised when he found out that McClain knew about his banking movements. After asking, his bank responded that there were accesses with his user from computers of the US space agency, NASA, reports the newspaper 'The New York Times'.

McClain, who spent six months on the International Space Station mission, has recognized through his legal advice that he accessed the account from space, but that it was simply to control the couple's accounts, still overlapping.

That was when Worden filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and his family filed another with the NASA General Inspection Office accusing McClain of identity theft and inappropriate access to Worden's private financial records. The NASA Office of General Inspection has contacted both.

This Saturday, following the publication on Friday of the news in 'The New York Times', McClain has posted on his Twitter account a message stating that he has not done anything illegal and that he had permission to access that account.

“There is nothing true in these accusations. We are going through a painful personal separation that is now unfortunately in the media. I value the support I have received and I reserve any comments until the investigation is finished. I have total confidence in the process of the Office of General Inspection, “he explained.

At the moment, NASA has limited itself to highlighting the achievements of McClain's career and stressed that he does not comment on personal issues. “Lt. Col. Anne McClain has developed a military career, has flown combat missions in Iraq and is one of NASA's most important astronauts. She did very well on her last NASA mission on the International Space Station. As with all NASA workers, NASA does not comment on personal issues, “a space agency spokesman said in statements to the portal.

McClain joined the NASA astronaut program in 2013 and spent 204 days in space on his last mission, between December 2018 and June 2019 with Expedition 58/59. In the mission he made two walks through space.