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The Yemeni Government begins to suspend its operations in Aden after the separatist coup

August 18, 2019

SANÁ, 18 Aug. (DPA / EP) –

The Ministries of Transportation, Interior and Foreign Affairs of the Government of Yemen have announced the suspension of their activities in the city of Aden after the coup d'etat launched last weekend by separatist forces in the, so far, headquarters of the recognized Yemeni authorities by the international community after being expelled by the Huthi insurgency of the capital, Sanaa, at the beginning of the war.

The last to announce the suspension of its activities has been the Ministry of Transportation for “the circumstances arising from the coup d'etat” launched by the Southern Transition Council (CTS), the political representation of the separatist forces.

In a statement sent on Sunday, the Ministry has also confirmed that the CTS militias have taken control of its headquarters.

The separatists have decided to remain in their positions despite the fact that fighter jets of the Saudi-led coalition are carrying out warning flights near the military bases controlled for a week by the Suryemen separatists in Aden.

This operation has coincided with a new appeal by the Saudi coalition, an ally of the Yemeni Government, for the separatists to return to their positions prior to the coup d'etat, which complicated the efforts of the United Nations to end the Yemen war and has exposed Tensions in the coalition formed four years ago to fight against the Huthis, who are backed by Iran.

Saudi state television said the separatist forces would withdraw shortly from the Ministry of Interior and refineries, without giving further details. The military camps remain under their control, and so they intend to continue.

“We will not retire, we will not move and the planes will not intimidate us,” said one of the separatist brigades in response to the operation.