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The White House restricted access to Trump’s transcript of calls to Putin and the Saudi crown prince

September 28, 2019


The White House restricted access to phone call transcripts maintained by U.S. President Donald Trump with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Saudi leaders such as Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman, according to CNN.

Telephone calls, with leaders with whom Trump maintains complex relations, are part of the group of presidential talks that Trump advisers have endeavored to prevent from being made public, as has finally happened with the transcription of the call to the Ukrainian president , Volodimir Zelenski, who has ended up deriving the beginning of the procedure to activate a process of parliamentary impeachment.

In the case of Trump's call to the Saudi crown prince, government officials who normally would have had access to a transcript of the conversation never got to be able to consult it, according to a head of the US Executive consulted by CNN. In fact, the transcription of the call was never provided in government circles, which is unusual for a high profile call.

The telephone conversation, which, according to this person in charge, did not address secret issues for reasons of national security, took place at a time when the White House were facing controversy over the murder of Saudi journalist Yamal Jashogi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, with the heads of American Intelligence pointing to the responsibility of the crown prince.

In the case of contacts with Putin, access to call transcription was also restricted, according to a former US government official. It is not clear if the US authorities chose to place the files of the calls with authorities of Russia and Saudi Arabia on the same computer server where the transcript of the controversy called Zelenski was kept, although government officials have confirmed that they have been stored on that server other calls besides that of the Ukrainian president.

According to CNN, the government's attempts to hide information about Trump's calls to the Saudi crown prince and Putin illustrate the attempts of the advisers to the president of the United States to limit access to talks with leaders from other countries.

The sources consulted by the American television network have said that the practice of hiding information about Trump's international calls began more than a year ago after details of the US president's talks with the leaders of Mexico and of Australia.