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The US offers 4.5 million euros for information on the leader of the Islamic State in the Grand Sahara

October 5, 2019


The United States Government announced on Friday a reward of up to five million dollars (about 4.5 million euros) for information leading to the identification or location of the leader of the jihadist group Islamic State in the Grand Sahara (ISGS) , Adnan Abú Ualid al Saharaui.

The group claimed responsibility for an ambush executed two years ago in Tongo Tongo, in Niger, which resulted in the death of eight soldiers – four Americans and four Nigerians.

The State Department has stressed that it offers this same reward for any information that leads “to the arrest or conviction in any country of any individual who committed, conspired to commit or help execute the 2017 ambush in Niger.”

ISGS is included in the United States list of foreign terrorist organizations and its leader has been designated as a global terrorist.

The group emerged after Al Saharaui and a group of followers split off Al Murabitún, which emerged from the Al Qaeda matrix in the region. Subsequently, he swore allegiance in May 2015 to the Islamic State, which was recognized by the group in October 2016.

ISGS operates mainly in Mali and on the border between this country and Niger. Since then he has claimed responsibility for dozens of attacks in this area, including the one perpetrated on October 4 in Tongo Tongo.

The jihadist group claimed an attack in May 2019 in the Nigerian region of Tillaberi, in the west of the country, in which at least 29 soldiers died. He also said he was behind an assault on a maximum security prison that occurred the day before in Koutoukalé, located north of Niamey.