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The United States raises its alert level for trips to Saudi Arabia

September 18, 2019


The United States Government has recommended that its citizens take extreme precautions if they travel to Saudi Arabia “for terrorism and the threat of missile and drone attacks against civilian targets”, after the attack on September 14 against two refineries.

The US Department of State has updated its travel alert, in which it directly recommends not traveling within 80 kilometers of the Yemen border due to fear of cross-border attacks. He also discourages visits to Qatif, in the Eastern Province.

Washington fears terrorist attacks without warning against tourist facilities, transportation centers, shopping centers and government buildings, although it is limited to saying among the potential aggressions “hostile regional actors with Saudi Arabia.”

The US Department of State has alluded in its note to the paper, from Iran, which it has accused of supplying weapons – “including drones, missiles and rockets” – to armed groups such as Yemeni rebels. The violence associated with these groups, he added, “represents a significant threat to US citizens who live and work near military bases and essential civil infrastructure.”

US diplomatic personnel and their families are not allowed to use Abha airport without the permission of the head of mission, according to this note. This airfield has suffered attacks launched from Yemen.