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The Saudi Government declares “capable of responding” to attacks, “whatever their origin”

September 17, 2019


The Government of Saudi Arabia has stressed on Tuesday that the kingdom is “capable of responding” to attacks on strategic facilities such as those bombed with drones last weekend, “whatever their origin.”

King Salman, who has chaired the ministerial meeting, thanked the international allies for their support after the “sabotage” of two Aramco plants in Abqaiq and Jurais, claimed by the Yemeni Huthi rebels. The monarch has admitted that these are “vital” facilities for Saudi Arabia, but he has also warned that “threatens the stability of the global economy.”

The Executive as a whole has condemned the “cowardly attack” in a statement released at the end of the meeting by the SPA agency and in which it has warned that Riyadh “will defend its territory and vital facilities”. “It is capable of responding to those actions regardless of their origin,” he added, in a call for the international community to adopt “tougher measures” against those responsible.

The Huthi rebels claimed the attack, but the United States has instead pointed to Iran, an ally of the insurgent group. The Saudi government has not alluded to possible perpetrators, although its spokesman, Turki bin Abdulá al Shabaná, has considered the latest attacks an “extension” of other incidents in which “Iranian weapons” were used.