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The president of the Chamber of Deputies of Bolivia resigns and denounces that his brother has been kidnapped

November 10, 2019

The president of the Chamber of Deputies of Bolivia, Víctor Borda, deputy for the Movement To Socialism (MAS) of President Evo Morales, announced his resignation this Sunday and has begged the violent men to keep his brother hostage to release him. At least one other deputy and two MAS senators have also submitted their resignation.

Borda has appeared in a broken voice in the Bolivision chain to plead for the release of the protesters who hold his brother in Potosí Square and to announce that in 20 or 30 minutes he will resign from the deputy minutes and therefore to the presidency of the Chamber to avoid actions against his family, according to Bolivisión.

Borda in an afflicted tone said that neither his relatives nor his brother Marco Antonio Borda have anything to do with their political activities. “Exhorting them, asking them to respect my brother's life. My brother has nothing to do with this issue, he has his life apart,” Borda said.

The deputy has also denounced that his house, on fire, was an asset, but what matters most is the safety and life of his family members.

Also this Sunday another deputy of the MAS, David Ramos, has announced his resignation to be deputy and has made a call to the pacification of the country. Ramos, president of the Potosina Parliamentary Brigade, has also denounced that his house has been taken as violent.

In the same way, the congressmen Rubén Medinaceli and María Simoni have given up their seats. “In view of the results of the audit that the OAS has carried out, unexpected for me in the face of the state of convulsion that the country is currently living in, I have made the decision to resign from the position of senator the Plurinational State of Bolivia,” he said in A video posted on social networks. “From the place where we are we have the obligation to contribute to our country to pacify itself,” he has argued.

Senator Simoni has also submitted her irrevocable resignation to the position for the pacification of the country. “In my capacity as titular senator elected by my people and in view of the social political actions that are provoked in the country, for the sake of pacification and the return to democracy and to prevent the spilling of blood from our children and brothers, I present my irrevocable resignation as head senator of Bolivia, “he explained.