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The president of Somalia warns that eradicating terrorism in the country “will not be easy”

September 27, 2019


The president of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, warned this Thursday before the United Nations General Assembly that eradicating terrorism in the country “will not be easy.”

“Together with our international partners, we are working tirelessly to rid the last foci of violent extremism and its terrorist activities,” Mohamed said. “This task will not be easy due to the violent, cowardly and opportunist guerrilla tactics of the terrorist Al Shabaab,” he added.

However, the president has ensured that joint efforts with the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) will achieve “recovery of the territory of Al Shabaab and the strengthening of the Somali National Army”.

Mohamed has stressed that Somalia is a “great example” of the importance and success of international multilateralism, since “it has benefited from the bilateral support of the United Nations and its member countries.”

“The road to the recovery of Somalia, led by its people and Government, has come a long way, but we cannot stop seeing or remain silent in the face of discontent with the growing inequality, poverty and divisions caused by the globalization that has taken place. become dominant in today's world, “he said.

The president also highlighted the “key role” in socio-economic development in the Horn of Africa and stressed the importance of “cooperation between the countries of the Horn of Africa” ​​to improve economic development, political stability and security cooperation in the region.

“We have many friends who support us all the way for the interest of peace and security throughout the world and we appreciate it,” he added.

In addition, Mohamed has stated that his Government is fully committed to the Paris Agreement and other agreements that “protect our planet and safeguard the future for all” and has urged the international community to take the necessary measures to prevent import and export of charcoal from Somalia.

“This will not only save the environment, but will deny international terrorism a source of terrorism financing on which they depend to harm the innocent and most vulnerable in our society,” he said.