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The president of Israel grants Netanyahu the mandate to try to form a government

September 25, 2019


The president of Israel, Reuven Rivlin, granted Wednesday the Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, a four-week term to try to form a government after parliamentary elections last week.

The announcement has been made shortly after the last meeting between Netanyahu and the leader of the Blue and White Party, Benjamin Gantz, to try to agree on a unity government has been settled without agreement, according to the Israeli newspaper 'Haaretz'.

Gantz's party was the most voted in the elections and won 33 seats, for the 32 won by the Prime Minister's Likud. The coalition that could form Netanyahu has 55 seats, for the 54 that Gantz would collect, which does not give a majority to any.

The Knesset is made up of 120 seats, so the government coalition must add at least 61 to obtain the approval in session of the appointment of the prime minister, as well as the future policies of the Executive.